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In support of transferring research into best practices, ASPP is offering a service to both researchers and practitioners. 
For researchers, we invite you to post the information about your project and how school psychologists in PA may be able to assist in your study. In order for us to do this we need to gather information from you. Please submit a description of your study, your IRB approval, and any other supporting documents. We will post your information on the this page as well as our Facebook Page along with any appropriate links. After each quarterly review of applicants, we email our members if your study is approved.
Please review the Research Opportunities policies and procedures before requesting a posting.
To request a posting on the research opportunities page, contact the website committee through the Contact Us page.
 For our members, please make sure to check out the current research opportunities and help support the advancement of our field!

Current Research Requests 

ASPP Members,

The ASPP Executive Board is pleased to announce three research opportunities for the review period of January - April 2021. The Research Subcommittee has reviewed these research opportunities and believe they are of considerable merit. We, therefore, endorse them for our members to individually consider. What follows is a brief synopsis of each study and how ASPP members can participate. 

Study #1 
Project Title: The Impact of a Psychiatric Diagnosis on School Psychologists' Emotional Disturbance Assessment and Eligibility Recommendation Practices  
Dear Pennsylvania School Psychologist,  
Thank you for taking the time to review our study focusing on school psychologists’ eligibility recommendation and decision making practices as they pertain to the special education category, Emotional Disturbance.  If you choose to participate, you will read one brief vignette and answer questions about eligibility recommendations. You will then answer demographic survey items. It is anticipated that participating in this research will take approximately 10-15 minutes. There are no known risks to participation. Benefits include improving awareness of school psychologist eligibility recommendation practices.   
Click on this link or copy / paste into your browser: 

Study #2 
Project Title: School Psychologists’ Assessment Practices 

Attention School Psychologists! We are conducting an IRB-approved survey study to better understand the range of assessment techniques school psychologists utilize during psychological/psychoeducational evaluations. This study will be completed online, and should you wish to participate, will be asked to respond to a variety of questions related to your use of specific assessment techniques. Additionally, we will recruit demographic information related to your years of practice, training, and professional certification and/or licensure. The study in full will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All data collected will be anonymous and reported in group format. Your responses will not be individually identifiable and identifying information will not be collected. If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr. Laura Spenceley at, or Dr. Benjamin Lovett at  
For more information about the study, please visit: 

Study #3 
Project Title: Preparedness of PA Educators to Recognize and Respond to Trauma 

Co-Investigators: Timothy J. Runge, PhD, BCBA, NCSP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Timothy P. Knoster, D.Ed. (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania), and Danielle Empson, M.S (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania). 

You are invited to complete an anonymous survey of Pennsylvania educators regarding preparedness to recognize and respond to students impacted by trauma or distress, including trauma/distress related to COVID-19. This project is being conducted by researchers at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Your participation in this voluntarily survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete and will help PDE prepare educators for the challenges that students face as a result of trauma or distress. Your responses will be completely anonymous, meaning the researchers will not know your identity. If you would like to anonymously participate, please click the hyperlink below. 




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