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In support of transferring research into best practices, ASPP is offering a service to both researchers and practitioners. 
For researchers, we invite you to post the information about your project and how school psychologists in PA may be able to assist in your study. In order for us to do this we need to gather information from you. Please submit a description of your study, your IRB approval, and any other supporting documents. We will post your information on the this page as well as our Facebook Page along with any appropriate links. After each quarterly review of applicants, we email our members if your study is approved.
Please review the Research Opportunities policies and procedures before requesting a posting.
To request a posting on the research opportunities page, contact the website committee through the Contact Us page.
 For our members, please make sure to check out the current research opportunities and help support the advancement of our field!

Current Research Requests 

The ASPP Executive Board is pleased to announce two research opportunities for the review period of September – December 2022. The Research Subcommittee has reviewed these research opportunities and believe they are of considerable merit. We, therefore, endorse them for our members to individually consider. What follows is a brief synopsis of each study and how ASPP members can participate. 

Study #1: 
Project Title: Development of the CRT-IC Professional Learning Series for Rural School Psychologists: A Mixed Methods Exploratory Sequential Approach 
My name is Elly Maras and I am a technical assistance provider to rural/frontier schools in 
Colorado and PhD student in School Psychology at the University of Denver. I am seeking 
participants for my dissertation study focused on rural school psychologists. 
Are you a rural school psychologist who has 5+ years of experience consulting with teachers on 
trauma-informed practices (TIPs)? Or perhaps you’re an early career school psychologist who is 
seeking support on how to consult with teachers on TIPs… either way, I would love for you to 
be part of this study! 
The goal of this study is to understand the perspectives of expert rural school psychologists 
across the country who consult with teachers on TIPs to inform the development of a 
professional learning series designed for early career rural school psychologists interested 
in engaging in TIPs. 
To be eligible for the study, you must… 
- 1) Currently hold a school psychology license/certification issued by a state agency 
- 2) Currently work in a rural school district in that state 
Compensation will be provided to participants. 
If you or someone you know would like to be considered for this study, please complete this 
form (, or forward it along! 
Feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have any questions about this 
study or its participation requirements. 
Elly Maras, Ed.S. 
Technical Assistance Provider 
Center for Rural School Health and Education 
University of Denver 

Study #2 
Project Title: The Effect of Demographic Information on Anchoring Perceptions of Student Progress 
Our names are Dr. Ethan R. Van Norman and Adelle K. Sturgell. You are invited to participate in a study evaluating factors that influence predictions of student success during academic progress monitoring. We are seeking participants that have administered and scored curriculum- based measurement of reading probes and evaluated progress monitoring graphs to determine student progress. If you have completed both these tasks at any point in your career (including for coursework), you qualify to participate.  
The study takes no longer than 30 minutes. If you wish, you will be entered into a raffle to win a $20 gift card. Five winners will be randomly selected during the second Friday of March 2022.  
The study may be accessed at the following link:  and accessed with the password ProgressMonitoring22  
Thank you for your consideration.  
Ethan R. Van Norman & Adelle K. Sturgell  
Lehigh University  



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