PPI Student Grant

Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania (ASPP) School Psychology Graduate Student Application for 2021 Public Policy Institute (PPI) Funding

I.  Purpose of PPI Funding
The purpose of this funding opportunity is to provide financial support for school psychology graduate students to attend the NASP Public Policy Institute (PPI). The goal of this experience is to enhance school psychology graduate students knowledge, skills, and/or awareness of education policy, advocacy, and social justice as it pertains to school psychology and the NASP Practice Model.
II.  Eligibility
Eligible applicants include members of ASPP who are currently school psychology graduate students in an approved school psychology graduate program in Pennsylvania.
III.  Expenses
Funding will be used to enhance school psychology practice aligned with the NASP Practice Model for School Psychologists, including the following activities (unless it is a virtual conference):
  • PPI registration for 3-Day Basic Training events
  • Lodging
  • Travel expenses 
  • Meals
NOTE: Attendees are asked to share hotel rooms when feasible and appropriate.  Standard rates and restrictions apply for all travel expenses (e.g., mileage, meals).
V.  Application
Applications must include the following information:
  • Contact information, including name, organizational affiliation, email address, physical address, and phone number.
  • Confirmation of ASPP membership.
  • Confirmation of availability to attend PPI in July (see NASP website for specific dates).
  • Brief (500-1000 words maximum) summary answering the following question: Describe your interest and/or prior experience with social justice and advocacy work, as well as your future goals in these areas as aligned with the NASP Practice Model. Then, explain how you will utilize PPI to increase or enhance your future social justice and advocacy efforts.
VI.   Evaluation Criteria
All applications for PPI Funding will be evaluated by each member of the ASPP Review Committee, according to the PPI Funding Evaluation Rubric. Applications will be evaluated based on three criteria: (1) students overall interest in advocacy and social justice, including prior experience, as it pertains to NASP Practice Model, (2) Students goals for advocacy and social justice, and (3) Students potential growth from PPI experience.
VII. Submission Instructions and Notification of PPI Attendance
Requests for PPI Funding are reviewed once per year.  Completed applications are due by midnight Eastern Time on April 1st. Applications can be submitted by clicking on the Submit an Application link on this webpage.  Committee decisions will be communicated to the applicant within three weeks of the submission deadline.
VIII. Follow-up
Within 60 days of PPI attendance, the recipient must submit a brief summary (500 words maximum) of his/her experience at PPI and the impact it had on his/her approach to school psychology.  The recipient may be asked to submit a brief summary of the experience to be featured in the ASPP InSight publication.
Please note that PPI attendees will be expected to return any funds not used.  In addition, PPI attendees are expected to provide an accounting of the funds that is in accordance with the intent and contract of PPI Funding.  Failure to do so will require that the recipient reimburse ASPP for any misused funds.

Submission Deadline
May 20, 2021