The Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania (ASPP) is looking to hear from you, practitioners in the field, about wonderful colleagues doing excellent work in schools. Our hope is to highlight a school psychologist each month and post his or her story on our website and other social media outlets. 
But we need your help! Please consider telling us about a colleague or your own accomplishments in advocating for student success. It could be anything: mentoring students, serving as an advisor or coach to an extracurricular group, serving on a parent advisory committee, facilitating a workshop for teachers, or acting as a liaison to community agencies. 
If you have a story to share, please send the name, contact information, and employer information for the colleague (or yourself). Give us a brief summary of the service that is deserving of an accolade. This summary need not be lengthy – even a few sentences would be appreciated.
Additionally, school psychologists who receive an ASPP Accolade from September to May of an academic year will be considered for the ASPP School Psychologist of the Year award announced in the subsequent Fall. 
Please send this information to either your regional delegate or Caitlin Bennyhoff. Come on, ASPP Members!  We challenge you to share with us the wonderful stories of school psychologists doing great things in Pennsylvania!