School Crisis

Comprehensive Message on School Safety

ASPP has put together a comprehensive statement in response to the recent school shooting in Parkland.  This statement outlines the need for school psychologists as mental health service providers, for safe messages in the media, and for more effective gun legislation.  Several resources for NASP are also provided. In addition to this comprehensive message, ASPP has also adapted this message for school-based school psychologists to share with their school boards.  Please tailor this message as needed for your district, and share it with your school district leadership to advocate for the comprehensive role of the school psychologist to improve mental health services in schools.

Please share these messages with your colleagues, district leadership, and community leaders to advocate for the role of school psychology and prevent school violence.

ASPP Comprehensive Message on School Safety

Adaptable School District Message on School Safety

A Media Guide on the Reporting of School Tragedies

This guide is designed to provide members of the media recommendations on how to cover sensitive topics such as  School Tragedies. 

Reporting of School Tragedies