Child Abuse Prevention

Due to concerns regarding mandated reporting and issues of abuse, ASPP has developed the Child Abuse Prevention Toolkit and provided links to resources for both professionals and parents. This information is provided to you as a service to give you helpful information on this difficult topic. However, please remember that if you suspect that a child is a victim of abuse, contact Childline at 800-932-0313.
ASPP Child Abuse Prevention Toolkit
Included in this toolkit are Pennsylvania statutes associated with child abuse, articles related to child abuse and mandated reporting, as well as links to helpful websites and fact sheets.
  Child Abuse Resources
Publications and resources related to State and Federal civil laws on child abuse and neglect, child welfare, and adoption. Federal laws provide standards and guidelines; however, these issues are primarily governed by State laws and regulations in the United States.
National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children and the National Child Protection Training Center
This report summarizes key findings from a survey of all 50 states and the District of Columbia regarding their child welfare expenditures in SFY 2006.
Adolescent sexual assault and suicidal behaviors: Investigating a national sample.
Understanding and preventing child abuse.
Prevention of child sexual abuse: An analysis of issues, educational programs, and research findings.
Child sexual abuse prevention: Evaluation of a teacher training program.
Child Sexual Abuse: What Parents Should Know
Sexual Abuse: What You Can Do
Protecting Children from Abuse & Neglect